The Fungal Infection Trust is a charity based in the UK and is the successor to the Fungal Research Trust, which was founded in 1991. The charity's aims are:

to promote education about fungal diseases for example those caused by Candida, Cryptococcus and Aspergillus infections, and also the role of these fungi in allergies

to support scientific research into these fungi and the illnesses associated with them

to improve the diagnosis and treatment of fungal illnesses and to support the training of specialised scientists working in this specialised medical area (mycology).

The FIT set up and supports The Aspergillus Website a resource which provides educational information and support for patients, doctors and scientists who deal with Aspergillus infections. Aspergillus infections can be fatal in people undergoing treatments for cancer, after transplant, and those whose immune system is supressed for whatever reason, including steroid treatments. Aspergillus can also cause long term destructive lung and sinus diseases.

People who support FIT

Fungal Infection Trust publishes its Strategy 2015 - 2018 document. - January 2015.


LIFE promoted education and awareness of fungal disease to the Latin American medical community at INFOCUS 2014 - October 2014. An important step in achieving the aims of LIFE is to reach out the the medical community around the world. Latin America is a large and important target audience. Details

Online drug interactions for patients on antifungal medicines – an electronic resource for health practitioners - May 9th 2014
Medication safety has never been more important for the effective care of patients. A comprehensive new review has identified 1991 potential or recorded interactions between antifungal agents and other medicines. This resource is today launched online to improve patient safety. See more and press release

Professor Jonathan Cooke joins the Fungal Infection Trust Board - May 6 th 2014

Professor Jonathan Cooke, a pharmacologist and pharmacist, has joined the Board of the Fungal Infection Trust (FIT). Professor Cooke is visiting Professor of at both Imperial College London and the University of Manchester and, was previously Director of Research and Development and Director of Pharmacy and at the University Hospital of South Manchester. His appointment brings a wealth of expertise to the Board related to antifungal drugs, antimicrobial resistance and health professional education. view full press release

The FIT is launching its database of Antifungal drug Interactions at ECCMID 2014. Designed to assist patient & carers to check their own medications for severity of interaction with any other drugs they may be taking, this is an important aid to safety. NB a version of the same database designed to be used by medical professionals will also be available shortly. For those who prefer the convenience of their smartphones for browsing, the database is also available as an APP for both Android and iPhone for a small donation to the FIT.

LIFE worldwide is now available in Spanish March 2014

FIT Sponsorship of Mycology Masters UK student 2013
Details here

International burden of fungal disease presented at Berlin meeting ECCMID 2013
view press release here

John Wood Collins joins the board -view press release.

Manchester Entrepreneur joins Rebranded Fungal Infection Trust November 1st.

View the FIT in 2011- 20 years of the Fungal Infection Trust (formerly Fungal Research Trust).

Project LIFE art & music competition for ages 13 - 18 Press release. View the judges shortlisted entries, Top three prize winners announced. November 2nd.

Celebrating 20 years of the Fungal Research trust a meeting for Scientists, Doctors, Patients and Carers will be held in London on June 18th 2011. View the programme and Press releases.

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