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“FIT is the leading charity supporting patients supporters, relatives healthcare professionals and researchers in the UK and probably the world.”

FIT Campaigns

8th AAA Portugal 2018

The Fungal Infection Trust supports the biggest

Raised: £45.200,00 Goal: £150.000,00

Research: Why do some asthmatics get ABPA and some bronchiectasis?

In 2015 The Fungal Infection Trust has launched a

A. nidulans Hulle cells
Raised: £700,00 Goal: £25.000,00

International Mycology eLearning Course

The Fungal Infection Trust has funded the construction

Raised: £1.625,00 Goal: £5.000,00

The Aspergillus & Patients Websites

The Aspergillus Website and its sister publication

Latest News

Merry Christmas and Thank You to all our Hard Working Fundraisers in 2017

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Fran Pearson’s Fundraiser

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In memory of Joan Davies

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