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“FIT is the leading charity supporting patients supporters, relatives healthcare professionals and researchers in the UK and probably the world.”

FIT Campaigns

Raised: £45.200,00 Goal: £150.000,00

Research: Why do some asthmatics get ABPA and some bronchiectasis?

In 2015 The Fungal Infection Trust has launched a

A. nidulans Hulle cells
Raised: £700,00 Goal: £25.000,00

International Mycology eLearning Course

The Fungal Infection Trust has funded the construction

Raised: £1.625,00 Goal: £5.000,00

The Aspergillus & Patients Websites

The Aspergillus Website and its sister publication

Raised: £10.000,00 Goal: £50.000,00

LIFE-Worldwide Educational Project

The Fungal Infection Trust runs an extensive

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