The Fungal Infection Trust

There are over a billion people affected by fungal infections every year with 12 million life-threatening infections and 1.5 million deaths each year. The Fungal Infection Trust is standing by the side of many people who have serious fungal infections, helping their doctors, encouraging research and supporting them and their carers with advice, information and removal of social isolation. We began work in the UK in 1991 but we are now reaching out to isolated people throughout the world in an attempt to improve their quality of life wherever they may live.

A major cause of serious infection and death is the lack of expertise required to accurately and quickly diagnose many severe fungal infections. Treatment costs are falling, we can improve this situation but awareness is often poor. The Fungal Infection Trust aims to provide practical assistance to medical professionals faced with the tasks of diagnosing these infections and resources for research to improve diagnostics.

FIT have long helped those who suffer from aspergillosis, a rare infection in those of us with a healthy immune system but increasingly being found in those with impaired immunity (e.g. after a transplant operation) or damaged lungs (e.g. those with cystic fibrosis or who have had tuberculosis or severe asthma.

Information and Education

For laypeople, particularly patients & carers:

The Aspergillus Website, The Aspergillosis Patients Website and NHS Choices (Aspergillosis) together with Facebook communities informa and supports tens of thousands of people who has one of the forms of aspergillosis in nearly 200 countries.

For professionals:

The Aspergillus Website, a resource which since 1998 has provided educational information and support for patients, doctors, vets and scientists who deal with Aspergillus infections. Aspergillus infections can be fatal in people undergoing treatments for cancer, after transplant, and those whose immune system is suppressed for whatever reason, including steroid treatments. Aspergillus can also cause long term destructive lung and sinus diseases.

LIFE-Worldwide provides detailed descriptions for doctors & researchers of the diagnosis and treatment of ALL fungal infections

Supporting Research

FIT contribute to a wide range of research, mainly in the UK.