Aspergillosis and me: For Sheila Murphy

A lot of people don’t know about Aspergillosis….what it is, where it comes from, what can it do. Unfortunately my family knows a lot about Aspergillosis.

Aspergillosis is a group of infectious diseases caused by a rare fungal organism known as Aspergillus, which can cause conditions such as invasive aspergillosis, allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillus (ABPA) and aspergilloma. It is an opportunistic organism that can be fatal in a large number of cases. It can be treated with anti-fungal therapy, however there is only a very small number of anti-fungals effective against Aspergillus. As well as that diagnosis of this condition is very low and it is often missed in the differential stage of diagnosis. Resistance amongst anti-fungal therapy is becoming more common in the small group of drugs that exist on the market.

My mum was unfortunate enough to come across this disease and it took her life in 2017.

It is my hope more doctors and healthcare professionals become aware of aspergillosis- its high mortality rate, symptoms and treatment in order to help increase survival rates.

The Fungal Infection Trust and the Aspergillosis Trust are two brilliant organisations which work together to promote research and development into Aspergillosis . They also provide help and support for patients who suffer this disease. That’s why I’m fundraising on behalf of the Fungal Infection Trust in memory of my mum Sheila Murphy, to raise awareness for aspergillosis and to help support this organisation raise much needed funds for further research into this rare disease. Any donation small or large is welcome 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Michelle Murphy

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Editor-in-Chief , National Aspergillosis Centre
Editor-in-Chief, Research Associate for the National Aspergillosis Centre and PPI Lead for Respiratory Section of the Manchester Biomedical Research Centre