Our Fantastic Donors

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Over the last ten years, we have calculated that over 850 individual people (March 2018) have donated to the Fungal Infection Trust using our Virgin Money Giving donation facility. There have been over 1350 donations in that time. Hundreds more people have given direct to our fundraisers during the organised events.

Many more have given us donations via cheque and cash, though they are much more difficult for us to count so we cannot quickly come up with a total number going back that far, but it is probably safe to say that total numbers of people who have given to the Fungal Infection Trust exceed 2000.

We are currently receiving over £10 000 per year from personal donations, which is a measure of the concern and commitment to the aims of the Fungal Infection Trust. FIT also successfully applies for grants to support its work from several different organisations every year, but the commitment of the individual people who support us counts for far more than mere funding. Every time someone donates we have another new person who has become aware of our activities and of the need to find ways to better find, diagnose and treat serious fungal infections such as aspergillosis.

The Fungal Infection Trust is a small charity that supports lots of research and ensures that the amount spent on administration is minimised, consequently we employ no staff and operate with the minimum of paperwork. Because of this there may well be donors we have not thanked directly but please be reassured every penny counts and every penny raised is deeply appreciated.

We have considered making a list of donors available on our website so we can confirm receipt of all donations, but we are advised against that due to concerns over privacy. If anyone is concerned about a donation please get in touch at admin@fungalinfectiontrust.org

Thank you