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Research: Why do some asthmatics get ABPA and some bronchiectasis?

In 2015 The Fungal Infection Trust has launched a fundraising campaign to raise funding to support a Postdoctoral Scientist to increase our understanding of fungal diseases.

So much about fungal disease is poorly understood. For example,

Why do some people have fungal allergies and others not?
Why do some people get ABPA while others get bronchiectasis?
What happens to shift allergic aspergillosis to chronic aspergillosis?
What are the key organism charactistics allowing antifungal resistance to emerge?
And more…read our summary here
While the Fungal Infection Trust has already contributed over £3.5 million to research and education over the last 20 years, there is much more to be done.

Join our Campaign

Please help support the Fungal Infection Trust’s campaign so we can help more people like Becky Jones – suffering from cystic fibrosis and aspergillosis.

Becky – aged 20 – who underwent a double lung transplant gave us this important personal message:

Becky” Without the research they have funded, my new lease of life would not be possible. As a young child I coped pretty well with my cystic fibrosis.When I was about 10 I first got Aspergillus infections – which never went away. In my teens, I was often miserable and had lots of steroid medicine. Later balls of fungus were found inside my lungs. Antifungal treatment helped a bit to start with and then stopped working, because my Aspergillus had developed resistance to the treatment.
The only way to improve my life was a double lung transplant and receiving intravenous Antifungals. I have made it through the transplant and I can breathe again– please help support the campaign because I have made it through – please help others make it through their difficult times with fungal infection.” Becky’s story

Tragically, Becky lost her courageous fight for survival and she passed away on September 25th, 2011. Link

The trustee-directors wish to expand their contribution to research in a targeted way by inviting top research centres to propose projects investigating one of the following areas:

1. Why Aspergillus causes disease, especially slowly progressive disease such as ABPA, bronchiectasis, chronic pulmonary aspergillosis and/or lung scarring.

2. What are protective factors for fungal infection? Why do some people with the same risk factors not get colonised or infected?

3. Why do fungi become resistant to antifungal drugs?

The target for fundraising would be £150,000 to support a programme in one of the research areas above, for a 3 year period.

Delivering the programme of research:
Once funds are secured, advertisements will be placed on the Aspergillus Website, and distributed to National Mycology Societies for research proposals. These will be assessed and awarded by the FIT Scientific Advisory Board.