A. nidulans Hulle cells
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June 14, 2016 by

International Mycology eLearning Course

The Fungal Infection Trust has funded the construction of a multi-module eLearning course to be run by Manchester University. The course provides everything from an introduction to the study of clinically important fungi to advanced understanding.

In many parts of the world teaching in medical mycology (i.e. the study of fungal infection) is very limited or non-existent and this can lead to many thousands of people not being correctly diagnosed.


These courses are intended to be taken by clinical laboratory workers and other medical professionals in all parts of the world and it is hoped that this will vastly improve their understanding of medical mycology and diagnostic skills, and thus improve the numbers of correctly diagnosed patients. The courses are to be made available for a very low fee so as to be freely available to all and will be translated into three languages.

The course is available here