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The Fungal Infection Trust supports the needs of the clinical communities by providing extensive and detailed clinical information on the diagnosis and treatment of fungal diseases caused by Aspergillus (Aspergillus Website). The rarity of aspergillosis makes these resources vitally important to support correct diagnosis and treatment as aspergillosis can be extremely difficult to detect and and often occurs as a secondary infection in critically ill patients.

More recently chronic aspergillosis (also difficult to diagnose & treat, common in Cystic Fibrosis patients) is being increasingly found in previously unsuspected medical conditions e.g. TB, asthma, so the Aspergillus Website has been important for providing up to date information on these new diagnoses.

Veterinarians are not forgotten as several animal groups are prone to aspergillosis so a steadily growing collection of case reports and clinical studies is maintained.

The Aspergillus Website has been providing high quality information and resources to the clinical and research community for 18 years (2016).

Check all prescription drugs for interaction with antifungal drugs

Check all prescription drugs for interaction with antifungal drugs











Importantly the FIT have funded the building of a database that provides all known information on the many interactions that systemic antifungal drugs. Several antifungal drugs (itraconazole, voriconazole and several more) interact strongly with many of the prescription drugs commonly used to treat patients including those who are taking antifungals. In all there are .

No doctor can keep track of all of these interactions so FIT funded staff at the National Aspergillosis Centre have designed a searchable web database (also available as a smartphone APP) that will do the job for them. Entering any prescription drug will quickly result in a list of interactions rated according to severity using a ‘traffic light’ system.