Think Fungus: Think About the Impact on Patients Lives (Wednesday)

Diary of Jill who lives with aspergillosis, in her own words.


My Aspergillus Awareness post for today is my early morning medication.

Furosemide which is a water tablet. Side effects of the steriods and getting old mean I retain fluid so this helps me get rid of the excess.

Phyllocontin is a bronchial dilator for my asthma which opens up the airways. This medication is one I feel I get the most benefit I know the others are working but if for some reason I have to stop this my breathing is horrendous I am literally a blob in a chair.

Cetirizine is an antihistamine to help with all my allergies. Pollen, dust, fungal spores all those nasty pollutants in the air that cause an allergic reaction.

Then finally Lansoprazole which I suppose is another drug that I find makes my life easier in that it sorts out my stomach so that I don’t have heartburn/reflux from taking all the other things. These tablets are taken an hour before breakfast.