Think Fungus: Think About the Impact on Patients Lives (Thursday)

Diary of Jill who lives with aspergillosis, in her own words.


Another day another post. Today it is the medication taken after breakfast.

I usually have a breakfast of fruit with natural plain yoghurt on as I awake every morning with a dry mouth and a horrible taste. Some mornings I am breathless and fruit just seems to slip down.The medication I take after breakfast is supposed to be taken with a meal but I usually can’t manage more. If I am not gasping I sometimes have scrambled egg.

Itraconazole is fairly new to me even though many Aspergillus sufferers have been taken it for years. It is a antifungal which is supposed to kill the nasty spores which like to cause havoc in my lungs.

Fungal spores are in the air all the time and love to grow in damp warm places. Kitchens and bathroom should always be ventilated. We have all seen black mould in places.

Next is the steroids Prednisolone which is very controversial because it lowers the immune system and therefore can make the illness worse. The problem I have is that I have severe asthma as well as a permanent infection which as well as the Aspergillus causes inflammation in the lungs. Prednisolone is an anti inflammatory and helps me breath (which is quite important) it also reduces the scarring caused by the other problems.

Lastly is Glucophage which is for diabetes. My diabetes is steroid induced I will never be able to come off the steroids so I am now a diabetic and depending on the dose of prednisolone so the medication for diabetes can change also.