Over 300 million people suffer from a serious fungal infection every year, 200 000 in the UK alone.

We are working to help provide better diagnosis, better treatment and to increase awareness and support.

We can’t do that without you.

There are many ways to help us by getting involved in our work. No matter how you get involved you will be helping us help millions of people living with fungal infections e.g. aspergillosis, ABPA, severe asthma.


No matter how big or small, every donation helps. If you can spare a little every month it adds up to a lot.

Hold an event

Gem’s little gems held a series of events including ‘It’s a Knockout’ competitions, Summer Fair’s and fundraising charity dinners.




Take on a challenge

Darren McNeil cycled from Paris to Nice (932 km) in 5 days, and will now cycle from Zurich to Zeebruggee in 5 days in September 2017.



Add your voice to our Campaign

Pharmacist Sunil Thacker distributes our branded ribbons at his pharmacy and collects donations.



Go viral

Stewart Armstrong set up a viral challenge for people to video themselves doing push-ups for one minute.


Help us involve your company